The safest place to store
and share sensitive data

With Fragmentalis, experience unprecedented data security through our unique data fragmentation technology. 

What is Fragmentalis?

A cutting-edge data Security as a Service platform based on a patented data fragmentation technology. Our algorithm is able to divide data into fragments and randomly route them  on different servers.

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Our technology

Using patented data pulverisation technology, files are encrypted and divided into fragments.  The fragments are saved separately on cloud systems (AWS, Google, Azure etc) and on the device. Only the joining of the keys allows the file to be read and accessed.

Data Import

Data is imported into Fragmentalis automatically from external clouds, company servers or from your device


data is automatically fragmented and distributed between devices and the various nodes


The user is able to grant, remove or modify access to stored files sharing fragments of data


Data can be shared with permanent or ephemeral authorization (time based, access-only, read-only, etc.)

Secure chat

Users are able to communicate encrypted messages and files securely and quickly


We certify every incoming or outgoing share, or access to files managed through blockchain

Our Solutions

Stream: Your Gateway to Secure Communication

Stream, a part of the Fragmentalis suite, offers unparalleled security for internal and external communication. Designed for businesses that regularly handle sensitive data, Stream provides a highly secure data transfer system and messaging. Whether it’s sharing confidential information within your organization or with external partners,

Core: The Heart of Your Data Security

Core represents the technological backbone of Fragmentalis. It handles the innovative data fragmentation process, ensuring the highest level of data protection. Core is designed for versatility, allowing integration into a wide range of business applications. From secure data storage to advanced encryption, Core provides the fundamental security layer that empowers all Fragmentalis solutions.


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